It’s an absolute joy to think about how great your custom home will be when it’s built. But, if you’re like many custom home builders, there will be some element of the build that you kind of regret. That you wish was a little bit different. We’re here to help you minimize those mistakes and make your custom home a complete joy. Here are some of the most common mistakes you can make when building your custom home and how to avoid them.

1. Not Planning for the Future

People’s plans are always changing. It’s impossible to fully predict the future, but there are some things that you can plan for. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll need in the next twenty years should be fairly predictable. The kinds of custom features you’ll want can sometimes be predicted too. Here are some things to consider:

  • Will your family grow? Will you foster, adopt, or have more children?
  • Will you need space for other adults? Will your adult children live with you, especially if a major tragedy happens in their life? Will either set of in-laws need to live with you? Would you ever rent out a room?
  • Will you need an accessible home? Will someone’s health condition worsen? Will aging in-laws live with you and require access for wheelchairs?

2. Ignoring the Neighborhood

Likely, you’ve chosen your plot of land because you love the area. But, you might not love the design of the homes in the area. You can do your own thing and make your home completely different from the surrounding properties, however, you might not be happy that your home sticks out from the neighborhood so much. Often, there are ways to use your design and meld it into the overall feel of your neighborhood in a way you’ll still be happy with.

3. Doubting Your Gut Reaction

Is this the right custom home builder for you? Is this the right material for your kitchen counter? Do you like the bathroom fixtures? Often, your gut reaction is right. Many people spend time fussing over the details of their design, trying to determine how they really feel. We find people are happier when they trust their initial reaction to any decision in the custom home building process.

4. Rushing Through the Design Phase

While understanding and trusting your gut instinct is right, that doesn’t mean you should rush through the design phase. The most important part is the first part, where you reflect on your needs and your style, and you express that to the designer, who is hopefully very receptive to your vision. This is the part you want to spend time on to make sure you’re happy with that final design.

5. Making Changes Once the Build has Begun

When you get into the build stage, any change that you make can significantly delay the project. We suggest you only make these changes when you’re really sure that the change will matter to you down the road. Remember that ordering new materials and restarting work that has already been finished can add more time to a project than you expect. Your builder may be able to estimate the delay for you.