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Homeowners know that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. Having an outdated kitchen can be frustrating. Deciding to remodel a kitchen can be daunting. If it’s time for a kitchen makeover, let us do the work for you. We can transform your kitchen into something amazing. We’re a full-service kitchen remodeling company that achieves fantastic results. You won’t have to apply for a permit or arrange for an inspection. We handle it all. Choose the kitchen of your dreams, or update your kitchen to sell your home for more.

We can match any style you like, including farmhouse chic, midcentury modern, minimalist, contemporary and more. If you find custom ideas that inspire you, we can add them. We always seek to bring fresh, exciting ideas of our own to your kitchen remodel design. From tiling, painting, countertops, cabinetry and more, we can help you to achieve whatever your goals are.

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When you work with the exceptional team at Andrew G Construction, you’ll notice the difference in how we treat our clients and perform our work right away. You’ll get:

  • Exceptional guidance: Our experienced team will advise you on every aspect of your project and help you make the decisions that make the most sense for you.
  • Peace of mind: With constant communication and a dedicated team, you’ll know that your project is in good hands.
  • High-quality results: In the end, the quality of your construction is what matters most to us. We make it exceptional.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We want you to come away from your kitchen remodeling project with a feeling of success.

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We’re Remodeling Specialists

The kitchen is the most important room in your home. It determines a large chunk of the home’s value and also the general function of the home. If your kitchen has a bad layout, a dated look, or functionality problems, you’ll find much less joy in using it than you should. We can take an outdated kitchen and make it spectacular. We will add all of the timeless design elements and modern amenities you want.

Entrust your kitchen to remodeling specialists who understand:

  • How to balance trendy elements with those that will be in style for longer
  • How to avoid common delays and timeline problems with kitchen renovations
  • How to use a kitchen remodel to solve home layout issues

How to keep a kitchen renovation project under budget (and budget honestly in the first place)

Kitchen Styles

Your kitchen is not only a workspace, but a space of gathering together. You need functionality and flow to your kitchen. There are many styles to consider:

  • Island Kitchens: A kitchen with an island also has options. Islands can be stationary or moveable. They can provide extra seating, storage, or counterspace. They can have butcherblock counters, tile counters, granite counters, as well as other materials. Some are even utilized for the cooktop, ovens, or sinks.
  • Galley Kitchens: A galley kitchen, or corridor kitchen, is characterized by two parallel countertops or walls divided by a three-to-five-foot walking area in between. The most common galley kitchen features include twin workstations facing each other, one wall with cooking appliances, and a second equipped with prep and cleaning fixtures.
  • Peninsula Kitchen: Similar to the island kitchen, a peninsula is one that incorporates a counter that juts out from a wall or cabinetry. A peninsula can offer a bar height counter on one side and a kitchen height counter on the other side or it can be all one height. Many offer seating and extra cabinetry.
  • Open Kitchen: An open kitchen is usually more L-shaped or U-shaped. It has a more open feel to it because there is nothing, such as an island, in the middle.

While the floorplan of your home may determine the style of your kitchen, it doesn’t always have to. We can discuss your options and your desires for your kitchen set up. We can work with small kitchen spaces or larger spaces. We will work to incorporate your design ideas with what you have.

A Great Kitchen Remodel

What makes your kitchen standout? An overall visually impressive design should make you say “wow” the first time you walk in. But, your kitchen should also have the little quality-of-life upgrades that you’ll appreciate even years later, like better outlets or a cabinet with enough height to hold your stand mixer. A great kitchen remodel is about serving your needs for the foreseeable future.

To that end, we talk with you and actually listen to what you need your kitchen to look, function and feel like. We’ll come up with a plan that meets your needs and fits your budget so that you can feel confident you’ll get the kitchen you want at a price that is comfortable for you.

This great kitchen remodel was done by our dedicated team

Elements of Style

Your kitchen should be a reflection of who you are and your unique style. At the same time, it should also be a timeless look that will stand up through many years of use. In creating your kitchen, you should consider:

  • Flooring: Tile, hardwoods, and even concrete are often options for your kitchen floor. You want something that won’t stain easily and will hold up against lots of foot traffic.
  • Countertops: Granite, tile, Silestone, Corian, and butcherblock are among common options. You will also need to consider the color and if you prefer something darker or lighter in color. Seamless sleek counters are a great option that can be complimented with a tile backsplash with a pop of color if desired or a more modern monochromatic look.
  • Cabinetry: Storage is important in a kitchen. Will you have a pantry or will everything be stored in the kitchen? You will need to determine how much storage you need and we can help you determine how to determine the amount of cabinetry you need. Cabinets can also come with roll out shelving, lighting, or glass fronts, not just wood. You can also consider lazy Susan style corner cabinets to utilize your space. Some also like to have specific counter cabinetry for common kitchen appliances.
  • Sinks: Will you want a single or double sided kitchen sink? Will you want a garbage disposal? Sinks come in a variety of depths as well. You will have options and we can help guide you to the best choice for you.
  • Lighting: Good kitchen lighting is important. We can help you determine which lighting fixtures would be a good compliment to your style and set up. Recessed lighting, wall lighting, and pendant lighting can be considered helpful in a kitchen. You can also consider under cabinet lighting. Now days, lighting in drawers and cabinetry can also be an option.
  • Hardware & Fixtures: Hardware and fixtures should be complimentary to your style. There are a variety of finishes to consider from brushed gold, stainless steel, brushed brass, white, matte black, and more. From faucets to drawer and cabinet pulls to range hoods, consider the functionality of your hardware, as well as your finish.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with these types of decisions. The Andrew G team will help guide you through the process and through your decisions. We want to make your kitchen something that “wows” you every day. From floor to ceiling, we will create an updated kitchen that you will be happy with for years.

Why a General Contractor?

General contractors are those that oversee construction projects. They are different from specialized contractors, like electricians or new home builders, who have a small range of skills or only tend to take on one kind of project. General contractors are often more sophisticated as companies. They have a wider network of connections to other specialized contractors and usually attract the top talent in the area as staff. The leaders in general contracting companies will coordinate the work of others and see the project through, often from the earliest design phase and down to the last inspection.

We can work with:

  • Flooring
  • Painting
  • Cabinetry
  • Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing
  • Construction
  • And more

As a general contractor, we have exceptional staff with a wide talent pool to pull from. This allows us to coordinate the work on major projects, provide cost estimates for whole projects, and be the driving force that sees the work through. We don’t have to use many sub-contractors because we have many talents in our office.

Work with Andrew G Construction

Our expert team produces excellent results and makes sure that you enjoy the journey to your dream kitchen too. Here are a few reasons you should work with us:

  • Professional approach: We’re not hobbyists. We act with professionalism at all times. Our team is highly trained so that we can always achieve superior planning and execution.
  • Communication: We take stress off you by making sure you are updated with every step of your remodel. That means you can relax knowing it is in good hands, and we can stress the little details.
  • Craftsmanship: Take a look through our gallery and see the high-quality work we do. Our kitchens look gorgeous and impress guests, all while meeting the everyday needs of the family that uses it.
  • Quality: Even a minor kitchen remodel is an investment, and you deserve to see return. We focus on producing long-term quality, with features that will still look great when you want to sell down the road.

Start Your Dream Kitchen Project Today

Major remodeling can forever improve the quality of your home and your enjoyment while living there. We can help with a comprehensive plan that considers how your remodel will impact every part of your space and helps you make the most of it. We are with you from start to finish with any project. We make sure all projects are up to code and we are reliable. Construction can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re proud of the talented team that we have. Our expertise and experience allow us to handle a huge range of projects. We have experience planning your projects, sticking to your budget and providing full costing. We handle every detail of your project even on a short timeline and keep you in the loop to ensure you know what is happening with the work at all times. We’re confident we can make your next project simple for you while getting exceptionally high-quality results. Let us help you update your kitchen today with modern and energy efficient appliances and lighting. You can get the kitchen you’ve always wanted without the stress. Reach out to us to get started and turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

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