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Improving your space should be simple. When you work with the skilled team at Andrew G Construction, it is. We have the vision, skill and workmanship to tackle any project, from ADU construction to major remodels. With commercial work, trust us to keep to our timeline and produce an asset for your business. For residential work, consider us your guide to making your vision for your home come to life.

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New Custom Homes

Building a new custom home in Palo Alto is exciting. Our home construction team will work closely with you to create a blueprint that you’ll love and is of the quality you expect. We’ll provide you with a full analysis of your costs and help you keep the project within your budget, with a margin for those unexpected costs which always come up.

Our home builders are experienced in a wide variety of styles, from craftsman, Tuscan, and farmhouse to modern and contemporary. We can build your dream home to your exact specifications, with all the finishes and craftsmanship needed to make it truly shine.

When we’re finished, you’ll have a home you’ll love to live in, created with high-quality techniques that protect your investment in the home.

Custom Homes


Kitchen Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

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new custom home
New ADU built in Palo Alto with powder blue walls and white trim

Additions and ADUs

Investing in an ADU or any kind of major home addition can significantly improve your life. Major additions and ADUs can be built within your existing structures, including a garage or a shed, or they can be expansions that free us up to make changes in the layout of the main home too. Here are some of the reasons that people invest in these major projects:

  • Gain passive income: You can rent out your ADU or, with the help of an addition, a room in your home and get passive income. It’s a great way to leverage the value of your Palo Alto property.
  • Make room for family: You might need more room in your home for new babies, growing teenagers, retired parents, or other additions to the family.
  • Improve home value: Constructing an addition or an ADU can boost value, especially when your lot is large or your home is a little smaller than average in your neighborhood. ADUs can even be sold separately.
  • Change layout and add space: It is common for homeowners to be stuck with poor layouts, thanks to the initial architect’s decision. When you expand your home, you often get the freedom to move spaces around, which can expand kitchens, create open-concept layouts and do much more.
  • Enable working from home: Those who work from home or own their own businesses deserve a space where they can focus and even bring in clients.


A remodel is a great way to revitalize your home, add more space, or just transform how you use the space. From purely aesthetic remodels to extensive layout changes, our contractors are prepared to handle it all. Call us any time for:

  • Bathroom remodels
  • Kitchen remodels
  • Whole-home renovation
  • Basement remodel services
  • And more
kitchen remodel in Palo Alto with streaky countertops

Serving the Greater South Bay

Our team is proud to service the greater South Bay and peninsula, including Redwood City, Menlo Park, San Carlos, and more.

See our full service area or call now to learn more.

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