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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) add a complete living space to your home, with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. What that space looks like depends on what you need from it and how talented your designer is. We offer outstanding design and construction services that can make your ADU a phenomenal space perfectly attuned to your needs. With high standards, detail-oriented work and the mission to make your construction project as smooth as possible, we’re the ideal construction company to work with in the Bay Area. Learn more about our team and ADU builds below.

Exterior of new accessory dwelling unit built in Redwood City, California
Craftsman style ADU built in Menlo Park with pale blue exterior paint and white trim

How People Use ADUs

Every home and family are a little unique and need something different from their ADU. However, there are some common uses of ADUs which make modern life more practical, joyful and even more affordable.

  • Rentals: Passive income is possible without owning a second property. ADUs are perfect rental units.
  • Granny flats: Your in-laws or your own parents can live with you, even if just for part of the year, in an ADU.
  • Teenager space: Those with teens know how much they benefit from their own space.
  • Entertaining space: Invite friends and family over and never have to ask them to get a hotel room.
  • Work space: Those who own their own business or side hustle can work from an ADU and even meet clients in them.
  • Extra living space: Sometimes, you just want more for yourself.

What Goes into ADU Design?

Determining what you need for your space and your budget are the two first steps in ADU design. We help you envision the space and understand how far the typical budget can go. ADUs are small, which means that many people can afford high-end materials or features they would not be able to afford in a full-sized home. Or, you may want to keep your choices more moderate and make the project more affordable. We can work with you either way.

The most enjoyable part of the process for you might be picking out all of the colors and fixtures for your new space. It’s many homeowners’ dreams to create a living space from scratch which conforms to their style specifically. On our end, we’ll pay attention to your wants for the fun aspects of the space and make sure that the more boring details are still high-quality. That includes things like the plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems. Most homeowners don’t have preferences for these, but we make sure that they meet or exceed the quality of your current home.

hallway in an ADU with skylight and hardwood flooring
an ADU construction finished by our team

ADU Building Regulations

One of the advantages of working with experts on your ADU build is that you don’t need to worry about if your build will follow regulations—it will. We have complex ADU building codes in California, with one set at the state level and then another depending on your specific municipality within the Bay Area. We handle the process of making the design conform to the rules and getting the permits and inspections your ADU needs to be legal for yourself and for others.

Serving Redwood City & More

Our ADU construction team is proud to service the greater South Bay and peninsula, including Redwood City, Menlo Park, San Carlos, and more.

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