When you start asking for recommendations and looking online for kitchen remodeling contractors, you’ll find that there are many options out there, including around Redwood City. So, how do you make the best choice? Getting the best result from your kitchen remodel, whether you want a kitchen to enjoy for yourself or a kitchen to raise the value of your home by as much as possible, often comes down to who you choose as a contractor. Their design and their workmanship both will determine the final results. Here’s how to choose the best kitchen remodeling contractor available in your area.

Ensure You Cover the Basics

You can avoid most of the horror stories you read about kitchen remodelers by simply making sure that the company is reputable and has taken care of the absolute essentials all remodeling companies should have. That includes:

  • Address: Contractors should have permanent addresses and be established in your specific community or nearby.
  • License: Contractors should have licenses that are relevant for their work. Yes, that includes even remodelers.
  • Insurance: If your contractor doesn’t have insurance, you might end up liable for accidents and incidents on your property.
  • Sub-contracting: Using sub-contractors is not necessarily a red flag but you should also know the license number and insurance coverage of those on your property.

Look at Their Work

Companies with any significant history will have a portfolio on their website or show off images of their work on Instagram. If you’re starting a kitchen remodel to get a home that better reflects your taste and needs then it is very useful to assess those images and see if the kind of styles the company can pulloff work with your personal tastes. The more wide-ranging the styles, the better, as it means the company is confident in adjusting their designs for people with radically different ideas of what makes a good kitchen.

This step might be trickier, but if you have any knowledge about how quality home construction should look, then you can assess the photos for some quality as well. Even better, ask if you can reach out to a company’s older clients and ask them how the construction is holding up years later. That is a great indication of quality.

Speak with the Contractor

When you first reach out to the contractor, pay attention to the customer experience, they provide you with. You should feel heard and understood, you should feel like you have the contractor’s time and attention, and you should get honest and clear responses to your questions.

Assess Your Design and Quote

Take the ideal few candidates and head into the design and quote phase. From here, you’ll be able to directly assess which contractor’s design best meets your needs and suits your taste. Be careful not to just select based on price, as often those contractors with the lowest bids may not provide the same value as those that offer higher bids, particularly if they build less room into their budget for changes or errors that could put your project over budget.

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