Your favorite sources for interior design trends will all tell you that there is a huge range of kitchen flooring you could choose for your remodel. That is true. But which ones actually enhance your kitchen, and which can barely keep up with the traffic and moisture issues? There are good and bad choices. We’ll tell you which options are actually the best (and the worst.) Apart from carpet, which you know is just not an option in the kitchen.

Best: Porcelain Tile Flooring

The honest truth is that porcelain tile is the best flooring option for almost all kitchens and all homeowners. If you can afford this option, then you will be rewarded with the most durable and beautiful kitchen floor. It is tougher and less porous than even regular ceramic tile, which is a fantastic option for your kitchen floor itself. It also tends to have high-end looks that complement great kitchen décor. There are also non-slip porcelain tiles which meet ADA regulations and increase safety in your kitchen.

Worst: Low-Quality Hardwoods

Hardwood flooring remains popular, even as a kitchen flooring option, but it doesn’t really deserve most of the fanfare around it. This is especially true of the lower-quality options, which may not even stand up to your pet’s nails, never mind the high traffic and humidity in the kitchen. Hardwood flooring can swell and shrink due to shifts in moisture, which is especially a problem when you consider Redwood City is so dry and your kitchen can generate so much humidity.

Best: Cork Flooring

Those who want a kitchen flooring option that is sustainable should choose cork. It is easily the best material made from a renewable resource, assuming you’re going to buy a higher quality product. Cork is the inner bark of the cork tree. To be suitable as a flooring, cork is processed and treated. It remains soft and kind to your floor while resisting moisture and other damage well. Cork will need to be resealed roughly every two years and is less durable than porcelain. But it’s still an exceptional option for anyone who wants their kitchen remodel to be as green as possible.

Worst: Laminate Flooring

While laminate is a popular option for kitchens, it mostly owes that popularity to its low price point and the fact that many homeowners feel comfortable installing it themselves. It’s cheaper than wood flooring, but unlike wood, it can’t be refinished. When your laminate is worn, it can’t be repaired, only replaced. Laminate will stand up to the moisture changes in your kitchen better than wood and it is available in a wide range of styles. But we wouldn’t recommend it for any kitchen you plan on using for years and years.

Best: Luxury Vinyl

In either plank form (mimicking wood) or tile form (mimicking ceramic) the luxury vinyl flooring products are a great choice for your kitchen. It is thick and durable and also resists moisture very well. Choosing the right version of this product is really important, though, so we suggest that you speak with your designer.

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