It’s hard to define a high-end kitchen. If you’re designing a high-end kitchen remodel or adding a high-end kitchen in your custom home build, you might be at a loss for what to include. The hallmarks of a high-end kitchen are high-quality materials, efficient design, and custom elements. That means it can be hard to get a list of what to include in your kitchen. But, we can provide some ideas and, if you choose to work with us, personalize them to your taste, your market, and your home. Here’s what we can say about the defining features of a high-end kitchen.

Overall Design

One thing that all great high-end kitchens have in common is consistent, sophisticated design. No element is out of place, and there is a clear stylistic direction. Your designer should be able to achieve many different styles in your high-end kitchen. Which one should be up to you and your personal tastes. Taking a look at kitchen options online can help you determine which design you’ll choose. But, know that renovations for high-end kitchens usually call for replacing every single element, and often the very structure of the kitchen, in order to create this consistent look.

Appliances and Features

Often, the most important parts of your kitchen are the appliances and related features that make the space functional. This is especially true for high-end designs. You’ll often hear “chef’s kitchen” used to describe the functional elements of your kitchen. All this means is that the kitchen can accommodate the tools and space a professional would need. But there is no clear definition of this. There are, instead, typical elements. They include:

  • Warming lamps
  • Large fridge space with a vacuum seal
  • Large freezer space with a vacuum seal
  • At least one convection oven
  • Much more oven space or multiple ovens
  • Two or more deep sinks
  • One or more dishwashers
  • Second faucet right near the main cooking appliance
  • Larger counter space than normal
  • More room for storing chef’s tools

You do not need a chef’s kitchen to have a high-end kitchen. We suggest that you focus on the appliances and features that you will truly use and get a “gourmet kitchen” instead. But if you will have a professional chef in the space, then do invest in the features they will need.

Upscale Materials

No two upscale kitchens are the same. There’s no material you need to include, but many material options that are suitable for these kitchens. More beautiful, more durable, and more elegant materials are all good options. Consider:

  • Custom-made wood for cabinets
  • Exotic wood options
  • Stainless steel for space for professional cooks
  • Marble, especially Carrara marble
  • Other natural stone options

When designing a high-end kitchen, the most important thing is that you work with a designer who can take your needs and fit them into a sophisticated design that would qualify as high-end in other people’s eyes as well, so you get the resale value you should for an investment of this size.